Korean Cosmetic Roadshops

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 Recently I’ve visited the center of Seoul, the place to shop, the couples paradise streets of Myeong-dong.

A lot of travel agencies compare Myeong-dong with Japans’ Shibuya,
but i assure you, they’re VERY different.
I’ve prepared A to Z about Korean cosmetic roadshops, so that the next time you visit
Seoul and Myeong-dong, you won’t be missing out on Korean cosmetics!!
By roadshops, i literally mean shops on the road. So by cosmetic roadshops, the cosmetic brands
you’ll see in the streets of Myeong-dong (Seoul)

#1  innisfree

First Runner up is the rising star and the representative of cheap cosmetics INNISFREE since 2000.
<Innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju allowing for vibrant  beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature.> -from Innisfree official site

This brand is very famous for using the purest and the best natural ingredients along with eco-friendly containers.
They are dedicated to finding the best ingredients through nature conscious R&D.
Visit their english website http://www.innisfree.co.kr/global/en/eng_main.jsp and check it out for yourself what products are the bestselling products.
Current model: Yuna of SNSD (Girls Generation)

#2  Etude House

Second runner up is Etude House.
This brand is also another line from Amore Pacific along with Innisfree.
This brands’ main target is said to be teenagers but alot of 20s & 30s also use this brand especially those who are pink-holic and love their pink-princess playhouse concept.

Etude House encourages its customers to play with their items even creating slogan “Wannabe Sweet? Play Etude”
www.etude.co.kr (no english services)
Current model: Sandra Park of 2NE1

Inside Korea Beauty Shop from zhaoyuanyuan on Vimeo.

#3  Tonymoly

Tonymoly started out as a small shop located in Ewha University district then expanded nationwide.
Good words began to  go around that Tonymoly products are great with nice shades and friendly to all skin types.
Their brand concept portrays Chic, Urban, Stylish & Modern images for their products and they do put their utmost effort to make their products unique and in creating great skin products.
You can also tell by their slogan “Skin Revolution”, tells it all.
Current model Song Joong-Ki & Browneyed Girls

#4  Missha of AbleC&C

The most interesting fact about Missha is they do have US stores, check it out at www.misshaus.com.
Missha also started out near Ewha University setting their goals as “Reasonable Price & Give Maximum Satisfaction” for those who dreams to glow with beauty.
Missha is also known for their commercial models, I remember one of their models being BoA. Their current models are the curvacious and elegant Kim Hye-Soo and TVXQ(2)
Recently Missha has officially launched their baby brand A’PIEU offline due to great success with their online shops.
A’PIEU targets girls in their early twenties, more specifically, they imply “The Pureness of Twenty”. You can find their one and only offline store near Ewha University.
Last model i remeber was Koo Hara of KARA
#5  Skinfood
As you can tell from their name, Skinfood, they were the first ones to advertise Food Cosmetics.<Feed Your Skin, It Deserves a Treat.>-Food cosmetics SkinfoodTheir goal is to protect your skin for 14 years not just 14days. and they believe they can achieve
this through food that are good for your health which also means
(according to their theory) is good for your skin.
They have two shops in California which opened in June 2011.
If you’ve heard of The Body Shop, you’ll think The Faceshop is under the same company.
However, THE FACE SHOP is a Korean brand while The Body Shop is English.THE FACESHOP is another shop that wants to share with their costumers the bueaty of untouched and unexploited beautiful nature. They have set their goals to bring together science and the perfection of natuture to diliver the best product for your skin and to become second nature to you and to help you rediscover nature and protect your health and beauty.
Current model Kim Hyun-joong (ex-member of SS501)
They’ve launched stores in the US since 2006.
#7  Nature Republic
Nature Republic introduces you the undiscovered nature
which will bring the beauty  and energetic lifestyle to you.
They introduce the unaltered mother nature’s great energy and genuine colors, and secrets that will benefit its customers in every way.
Their brand philosophy is “A sense of the Beginning.” that Nature Republic promices to the world.
Currently they focus on MD waters that will keep your skin healthy with a glow to it. But instead of the info given above, Natrue Republic gained people’s interest as ’Rain’ created the brand, unfortunately, this turned out to be false. The acutal founder just had a name similar to Rain’s name.
Current model JYJ and Jang Geun-Suk 
#8  It’s Skin
It’s Skin Clinical Skin Solution formulated and tested by dermatologists.
From the top university of Korean, Seoul National medical school graduates gathered to create the ideal items and products for all types of skin & skin troubles.
All products from makeup to skin products have been tested for safety.Combining natural ingredients and skin science, It’s Skin has created a innovated technique that can enhance your skin to its top-condition using minimum amounts of antiseptic or chemicals that can cause skin irritations. They’ve also used a special formula in order to make products
that are odorless, colorless, and non-alcohol.
They create products from facial to body, hair-care, perfume, mens and baby products.
Currently 2PM is modeling for It’s Skin.
www.itsskin.com (no english services)
#9  the SAEM
“The Saem of Wise Beauty” launched less than a year ago, the SAEM was recognized by many customers because of it’s advertize model, Lee Seung-Gi, a favorite among many K-Drama & TV show viewers.They proudly say they have tested their products for long period of times for its safety and use.
Saem is a korean word for fountain. They use this name to show their customers that they thave created forever-lasting fountain, the most prudent fountain, and the most beautiful that will tell you the secret know-hows of keeping the beautiful and healthy skin. www.thesaemcosmetic.com (no english services) 
#10  Holika Holika
Also another brand that has launched less than a year ago is Holika Holika. Current model is CNBLUE.
If you wanna be pretty say the magic words “Holika Holika”.
They created the word Holika from ‘holic’. meaning they wants you to holika-holic to their products.By far Holika Holika is the most mystical concept, very different from other Korean cosmetic brands.
They pursue the concept of witchcraft and magic. They acutally say they want to be the beauty magician who can satisfy all your comestic curiosity.
Baby brand launched by Enprani.
www.holikaholika.co.kr (no english services) 
#11  eSpoir
From the french word espoir, meaning expectations & hope, is a Korean brand currently advertized by Lena Park.
Created to make your shining moment sparkle even more, just to make YOU shine. Fashionzie you, Fashionize your face,
Fashionize your emotion, Fashionize your life.
Slogan of eSpoir to compelete your style with them with confidence and with style.
They use the color Orange for their image and is quite popular with alot of people.
They’re often on magazine ads, favored by korean make-up artists and many others.
http://www.espoir.com/index.jsp (no english services)