November is the Adoption awareness month!


Publication de Layne Fostervold.

“In honor of National Adoption Month, a fellow adoptee Layne Fostervold with help from adoptees Shanna Lublin and Ahh Yo put together this amazing collage of 310 Korean adoptees (KADs). Since the 1950s and continuing to this day, there have been over 200,000 KADs sent out of South Korea to other countries. We are part of the largest diaspora (Asian) in the world. Though many of us lost our ties to our Korean families, heritage, culture and language many of us still seek a Korean connection through Korean adoptee groups, Korean food and (limited) opportunities to experience the culture through visits back to Korea and Korean-American friends. Look closely at our faces. Many of us are still seeking to understand our origins, how we lost our ties to Korea and our original families. Some of us will forever search.” Yung Hee Kim